Tuul Solutions

Livestock Management: Tuul's AI-Powered Birth Alert System

Tuul's AI-powered birth alert system is revolutionizing livestock management in Europe, North America, and Australia. Employing advanced image analysis, it monitors pregnant cows, alerting farmers to pre-labor signs, thus greatly enhancing farm efficiency and reducing the need for physical monitoring. Costing approximately $6,200 annually for a farm with 100 cows, it offers not only real-time alerts via a smartphone app but also promises future capabilities like heat detection. Farmers have lauded the system for its accuracy, reliability, and the significant reduction in labor, setting a new standard in agricultural technology.

Advanced AI can help detect Bovine Respiratory Disease.

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is a major challenge in cattle farming. Emerging AI and Machine Learning technologies are now key tools in detecting BRD early, offering a practical solution to this persistent issue.

SpeakFill: Future of hands free data entry.

SpeakFill API transforms spoken words into structured data. Use voice to effortlessly populate form fields, making data entry swift, accurate, and truly hands-free.

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