AI Lab

LLM Powered Digital Twins.

Generative Agents for simulating the date.

When was last you went on date? Was it through one of the dating apps, and how did you find the match, boring, interesting or barely a match?! We kinda took the hint from date-me-docs and inspired from the “Hang the DJ” Black Mirror episode did the following little experiment to simulate date between ai-agents based on real people.



The "DementiaNet" project is an innovative initiative aimed at early Alzheimer's disease detection by predicting cognitive impairment 10-15 years prior to symptoms. The project uses a unique dataset of spontaneous speech samples from two groups: individuals with a confirmed dementia diagnosis and those over eighty with no cognitive decline. Preliminary analysis has achieved over 70% prediction accuracy, marking DementiaNet as the largest publicly available dataset for dementia prediction and screening to date.

CreativzAI (Archived)

AI Photoshoot

CreativzAI was a small experiment in AI-generated product photography for e-commerce businesses, aiming to streamline and enhance the visual presentation of their offerings.

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