Livestock Biometric ID

Livestock Biometric ID
In: agritech

Yup! Face ID, but for cattle, horses and pets. Now, who would have thought that!

Cattle identification is a serious problem. Now that we all fancy grass feed, hormone-free beef, it essential to be able to track the cattle throughout its life. This verification is done mainly to avoid farmed cattle stolen or sold as free grass feed cattle and disease tracking. Face ID solution for the livestock also ties together all the health records - vaccines, diseases, veterinary visit etc. This lets you create a central database of all info on the animal, which you access based on the face id of the animal.

It is, however, easier said than done. Animal face ID is challenging because face textures and shapes are grossly hidden by fur and dirt. solves this by leveraging the

  • software advancements in pre-trained models, pseudo-labeling and augmenting the datasets with synthetic datasets and
  • hardware advancements in camera and 3D sensor technologies on smartphones and other consumer devices like glasses, action-cameras, drones etc.

Together with our partners, we have created the largest database for cattle face id. And have developed a robust and accurate Facial Biometric ID for livestock.

Sounds interesting? Try out the Cattle Biometric ID app on App Store or write us an email:

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