Face-id for Horses: Hosting first event on Equid.

Face-id for Horses: Hosting first event on Equid.
Horse owners unloading horses at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo event.

Checking into an event as a horse owner? It's a logistical nightmare. Imagine the road trips that stretch for days, the endless lines for paperwork and horse inspections, the sheer exhaustion before you even reach your stall. This is how things have been done – a completely outdated experience.

Our partners at Datag Inc. and our team saw the opportunity for a radical shift. We spent over a year meticulously building Equid – an app that leverages horse biometrics and simplifies event management. Think of it as streamlined, digitized horse passports and event organization. We just debuted Equid at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, and the reception was phenomenal. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a whole new way of doing things.

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Equid: Two Sides, One Revolution

Horse Owners: Experience the Difference

  • Your Horse's Digital Home: Forget scattered paperwork! Equid's intuitive interface guides you to build a comprehensive horse profile in minutes. Videos, vet certificates, bill of sale – everything accessible at a glance.
  • AI-Vet at Your Fingertips: Best-in-class AI puts expert advice directly in your pocket. Get reliable answers to your horse's health questions anytime, anywhere.
  • Events Made Easy: Discover events in a tap, submit your horse with a single button. No more bureaucratic hurdles! Zip through pre-approval and arrive at your event ready to shine, not stress.
  • Check-in with a Smile: Say goodbye to endless lines. Show your QR code, and voila! Equid revolutionizes the check-in experience.

Event Organizers: Unlock Efficiency

  • Seamless Event Creation: Launch events under your banner with ease. Notify subscribers instantly, and watch as horse owners submit their entries directly via the app.
  • AI-Powered Document Review: Say goodbye to tedious paperwork! Equid's AI verifies horse documents automatically, flagging only those that need human attention.
  • Direct Communication: Stay connected to participants. Send messages and announcements effortlessly, keeping everyone informed.
  • Lightning-Fast Check-in: Shrink those check-in lines. With Equid, you can verify horses in under a minute. Less stress for attendees, more streamlined operations for you.

Equid isn't just an app. It's a transformation for horse owners and organizers, replacing outdated processes with effortless, tech-driven solutions.


The AI and Tech: Simplicity Built on Sophistication

  • Horse Biometrics: Beyond a Pretty Face. We use state-of-the-art computer vision to verify your horse's identity accurately and securely. Think of it as a super-reliable digital horse passport.
  • AI-Vet Insights: Our powerful language models bring veterinary expertise straight to your phone. Get informed answers to your horse's health questions, anytime.
  • Tech You Can Trust: We're constantly refining our systems to ensure smooth, reliable experiences for owners and organizers. Want to dig into the details? Learn more here.

Ready to See Equid in Action? Whether you're a horse owner or simply fascinated by the tech, we invite you to try it out.

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