EQUiD - Horse Verification API

EQUiD - Horse Verification API

Horse racing

Horses are magnificent creatures and horse racing is an exciting sport that has been around for centuries. It is a popular pastime for both spectators and participants, and it can be a lucrative business for those involved in the horse racing industry. However, horse racing can also be a very complex and challenging sport to manage.

Fraudulent activities

As with any activity that involves money in the form of betting or prize pools there will always be bad actors involved, trying to game the system. Keeping track of horse identity is one of the key challenges to making the races fair and preventing fraud.  Here are some examples of fraudulent activities.

  • Forging medical documents (Horse health documents also includes pictures of the horse)
  • Acting as a different horse while registering for an event
  • Impersonate a different horse to increase resell value or insemination potential.
  • Using a horse previously banned from participating

What is verification

Verification is a process where we let a system tell us if two sets of images (of a horse) belong to the same entity - essentially answer a question: Is this the same horse? Analogous processes (but for humans) are widely used in security for instance to unlock your phone or grant access to a building.

How technology can help

Advancements in computer vision and AI allow us to verify horse identity without professional staff or expensive genetic tests. In order to be accepted to an event a horse owner has to provide 5 high-quality, high res pictures. The next time this horse participates in an event a check is performed to see if there is a match between the horse that came to be checked in and the horse in the database. After that, this horse's data will be tracked and linked to this horse's identity over visual-fingerprinting


EQUiD is a platform that we built for our partners to streamline the process of horse race organization, participation, document management, etc. With AI components responsible for horse verification this industry is much more secure and less prone to fraud.

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